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Week 6 Challenge – Polls are Open!

by Christine Hawks

Thanks for reading our most recent submissions serving up a video game tester and a note on a windshield.  Show some love to your favorite story and author of the week!

Week 5 Challenge – Vote for Your Favorite Gravedigger

by Christine Hawks

Our fictional gravediggers have unearthed their secrets this week – who dug themselves in as a favorite?  Pick yours by voting in this week’s poll, below.

Week 4 – Flash Fiction Challenge Poll

by Christine Hawks

After life got in the way of our week 3 exercise, we challenged ourselves to something new for Week 4 to make up for it.  Won’t you take a read through our posts, below, and pick a favorite?  Polls are open for 1 week until the stories resulting for the next challenge are posted.  May the best short story win!


Vote for Your Favorite – Week 2 Poll is Open!

by Christine Hawks

Another week, two more prompts and two more stories.  One week for you to vote for your favorite…starting NOW!

So, What Did YOU Think?

by Christine Hawks

The first writing challenge is over and both stories are posted.  Which short story did you prefer?  Vote for your favorite, below. Bragging rights are awarded to the winning author for one week until the next challenge is posted and poll is opened.  Thank you for your vote and for giving our blog a read!